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(November 03, 2020):  It is common knowledge that readers will always be expecting with eagerness, when their choicest book will get released. In the case of an Erotic Fantasy Novel, the suspense will be doubled as the contents of the Book will kindle their interest more and more, based on experience of already reading such Novels. The book “Ahrahyah and the Crown of Fahrahshan” is one of such kind.

Ever since Dark Fantasy Novels started their rounds amongst the younger generation, this trend is clearly visible. Normally Novels targeting the womenfolk are lesser in number, compared to the menfolk. But in the present lifestyles and the freedom of women has become a much talked about subject now, there is an interesting spurt among ladies, to buy and read Erotic Novel varieties.

The intro given by the Publishers about this Women’s Novel is also quite interesting:

“Ahrahyah and the Crown of Fahrahshan” is the first book in a series concerning the adventures and exploits of Ahrahyah, a voluptuous young woman raised to the be concubine of the Shah of the vast desert empire of Fahrahshan, until circumstances reveal that she is in fact the orphaned daughter of an evil wizard and a powerful djinni.
The target demographic for this book is most likely to be women of 25 years or older, although it has the potential to appeal to wider audiences.

This Erotica genre Novel written by the new upcoming author M.T. White is available in E-Book Form, as well as Hardcover and Softcover formats, in popular online Book Stores.

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