November 2nd, 2020 (Toronto, Ontario, Canada): If you’re looking for a more meaningful outlook on life, this new blog may be for you. Thought of the Day Namaste is a brand-new blog that features free, thought-provoking mindfulness and motivational tips. Fresh tips are posted six days of the week by living coach and motivational speaker Markus Staley.


The main message behind Staley’s motivational tips is that we can always change our perspective and change our destiny. As someone who has studied numerous Western and Eastern religions, achieved business success and worn many hats during his 60 years of experience, Staley can offer a different perspective on life.

“In my lifetime, I have done everything from woodworking to photography to sound technology and more,” explained Staley. “I have been the president of a 7-figure business for the last 32 years. I have also ministered with the church and studied Taoism, Kung Fu and Chi Kung. Through it all, I have striven to look for the best in people and lift them up rather than tear them down. I have motivated and mentored business owners and artists from all over the country. It’s through all of this vast experience that I have learned you can not change reality, but you can change your perspective. If you want to live a more meaningful, wonderful and abundant life, you must try things you have never tried before. This is the foundation of my blog.”

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