Why uPVC Spraying is better than Complete Replacement


Are your doors, windows and home conservatories looking a bit old? That can happen, but instead of replacing them outright, have you ever thought about uPVC spraying. At WunderCoat, we save you money by providing uPVC window spraying in Manchester. Here are reasons why respraying your doors and windows is better than replacing them.


Living in a house has its perks, but when the doors, windows and other conservatory features start to age, they bring about a rusty feel to the environment.


Naturally, you would want to replace them. But you should know that a simple wear and tear in your house features does not necessarily mean they lack function.


Rusty doors and squeaky windows can still be as functional, effective and secure as they ever were—they just look different. To fix their appearance, you only need a simple respraying touch from an expert. WunderCoat is a renowned uPVC restorer that provides uPVC spraying services to homes all over Manchester.


To get you started, here is our guide to the whole concept of uPVC respraying.


What is uPVC anyways?

The term ‘uPVC’ or ‘PVCu’ refers to the ‘unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride’ material used in creating modern-day doors, window frames, conservatories and various other house fittings.


uPVC is a delicate upgrade to plain PVC, having more versatility and firmness. This material gained popularity towards the end of the 20th century and has been in vogue ever since.


Looking at the material, one may assume that uPVC is outdated, with its high propensity to wear and tear. The truth is; this peel-off quality is what makes uPVC fittings so good to have, because you can simply respray them.


Why You Need uPVC Respraying

WunderCoat has provided numerous clients with Kitchen respraying services in Manchester. We respray uPVC window frames and doors, giving each fitting a brand new look. The benefits of having your conservatories resprayed exceed that of replacement. But don’t just take our word for it; here are 4 solid reasons why you should hire a uPVC restorer today.

  1. Timely and Effective

If your doors and window frames are still in perfect working condition, replacing them may be entirely unnecessary, except you want a different frame or style. Still want to keep your old doors and windows; all you need is a specialist uPVC makeover from WunderCoat. The process only takes a few hours and your fittings will be as good as new. Not only does a respray keep your windows and doors safe and secure, it also makes them more beautiful.

  1. Minimal Clean-up

Using uPVC paint in your home leads to very little clean-up; unlike outright replacement, where you have to break hinges, reset screws and whatnot. With uPVC respraying, there is little chance of making a mess in your home. At WunderCoat, we make sure your home is left intact after effectively respraying your uPVC fittings.

  1. Variety of Colors

With replacement, you are limited to a certain style and color of fittings. With uPVC respraying, you can simply update the coat of your doors and window frames without affecting their overall function. We let you select any color you want, and adequately help you blend that shade in with the rest of the colors in your home.

  1. Low-Cost

Not only does uPVC respray give your fittings a new colour, making them look brand new; the service is about 80% cheaper than having to replace them. What’s more, at WunderCoat, we offer a low-risk service which takes only 24-48 hours to complete. With us, you can be assured a fantastic respraying job. Want to inquire about our uPVC services, call us now or shoot us an email. We look forward to making your Manchester home look wonderful!



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