At the age of 16 on his birthday, Dr. Apples’ mother was kidnapped by fairies and replaced with a doll. Each year on his birthday he receives a doll which has his mother’s essence. As of today, there are 75 dolls to his collection. We are currently on the hunt towards finding her. We believe we have come across a MAJOR clue that will lead us to her and solve this mystery. Join us in finding his mother.”

But first, you have to catch up. This is where the podcast comes in. Embark on the journey of Dr. Apples and welcome to a whole new world filled with excitement, humor and all kinds of shenanigans.  

WHEN WILL EPISODES BE RELEASED? Every TUESDAY, half of a chapter from ‘Dr. Apples: The Origin, The Eye & The Journey’ will be released. Every THURSDAY, there is a special podcast discussing themes from the previous chapter.

FEATURED EPISODE — There is No Once Upon A Time in this Folk Lore (Chapter 1 – First Half) Dr. Apples’ mother has gone missing, but will he be able to find her and what will he find along the way?“ There is no once upon a time. This is a story, and if you’re looking for a perfect tale with a perfect ending, then this isn’t for you. We’re in the middle of this story. This narrative teaches you about perspective. This is Dr. Apples’ story. I’m being vague but it will all make sense later...whatever. Just learn from him so you won’t live a life of regrets and limits. This is why I’m telling you this story; Dr. Apples doesn’t live a life of limitations. His life is well lived, yours should be too!

The Narrator is one of Dr. Apples personal assistants. She recounts the backstory of how they got to be in their current situation. Get ready for a wild ride filled with space, witches, ghosts, kids and bacon! 

HOW TO GET INVOLVED “After the chapter/discussion YOUR input and opinions matter and need to be voiced (or not...whatever). We want to hear your thoughts on various scenarios and topics.”

To give your opinions and thoughts on each chapter, visit the official Talk About Apples website at or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram

“Welcome to the Dr. Apples Universe! Come embark, explore and join us in finding his mother!”

HOST: Lacye A. Brown

EPISODE: Chapter 1


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