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TVT Enterprises, announces the ConquerCovid Campaign centered around reliable American made Covid-19 rapid tests, point-of-care use, and app-based technology to provide a comprehensive solution for people and groups to protect the mental and physical health of their communities, themselves, and loved ones.


ConquerCovid will launch utilizing SARS-COV-2 IgG/IgM Rapid Tests that deliver results in 15 minutes. The test is FDA EUA approved as a POC finger prick test, which means no lab equipment is required. This is a highly reliable test manufactured in the USA with 99.47% accuracy and 100% sensitivity / 99.4% specificity, a vast improvement from other antibody tests that became available at the onset of the pandemic. Regular serological testing through highly accurate rapid testing will provide security to users by surveying for IgM/IgG antibodies which, if positive, would be a clear indicator of a past or current infection. The frequency of the testing will allow users to identify potential exposure points from the point of their last negative test as well as encourage continued practicing of measures outlined by the CDC ie. washing hands, social distancing and wearing a mask.


The ConquerCovid platform offers pre-sales of FDA EUA COVID-19 rapid tests manufactured in America, subscription programs, and support for frontline healthcare workers. At you will find a vision of a testing culture enabled by technology. A data based approach enables users to test, record their results, and share their results with anyone they chose. ConquerCovid aims to create a “bubble” of users who are testing regularly and ensuring an overall safer environment for social interactions.


Evidently, countries that have had the most success in combatting the COVID-19 Global Pandemic have followed science-based public health measures such as wearing a mask, social distancing and testing higher percentages of the population. For example, South Korea detects roughly 40-50% of infections in their country vs the USA which detects roughly 20-30% of infections.


With concerns about asymptomatic spreading, frequent rapid testing would relieve concerns of “unintentional” spreading. Any medical professional can order these tests. Organizations can subsidize testing for their employees or students and create safer environments in which to interact. Testing capacity is available in significant scale and can be booked immediately at affordable costs for medical professionals.


Around the corner are significant and meaningful holidays; Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. We all need to find a way back to the people we love and find a way to heal. When users test frequently, they can take back control of their own lives. Testing, along with other measures as prescribed by the CDC, will give users the confidence in their actions and the choices they make. They will know their loved ones are protected.


While the vaccine is viewed as a solution to the crisis we are in, without testing it is unclear how we could get a firm hold of the virus. Testing programs and regimes will be integral to solving the challenge of a dynamic COVID-19 environment, balancing practical measures with mental health. Join the fight at and begin to heal with your community.


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