TUCSON, AZ/ HYDERABAD, INDIA, OCTOBER 8, 2020 - It is no secret that drugs, or narcotics, kills hundreds of thousands of our citizens every year. According to the CDC, over 750,000 have died in the last 20 years due to drug overdose in the U.S. alone. And yet this nasty thing continues to flood our streets and drop bodies like the Plague.


Cue, Holistic Rehab Centre. The one rehab facility that has pledged to bring out people from this addiction no matter what it takes. Assisted by a huge team of medical experts, Holistic Rehab treats each patient with the utmost love and care in the most personalized way. They give their patients a full spectrum of tools to improve their lives and discover possibilities of full and joyful living without drugs.


One shoe size doesn't fit all. They are a holistic drug recovery center that offers multiple treatment options at their luxury rehab center in India and they have been doing it for years. Healing their patients mentally, physically, and spiritually with a well-planned daily, and weekly treatment schedule is their primary goal. For this, they have a team of experts consisting of physicians, dieticians, psychologists, yoga, and meditation experts aptly supported by the staff who provide a holistic healing; a complete and thorough detoxification of the patient.


"We're very happy with the work that we do here. While the law enforcement agencies do their best, us medical experts compliment that effort by completely detoxifying and thoroughly healing people who recognize their need for treatment. With various kinds of treatment available and a huge team of medical experts, we have treated hundreds so far. But this is just the beginning. We are going to detoxify and heal the entire country from this drug menace. Know that if you need is, we are just a phone call away", said a medical expert at Holistic Rehab Centre.



Holistic Rehab Centre is a luxury rehabilitation center that provides a beautiful location for those seeking treatment from drugs. The serene environment and the state of the art rehab center will give you the rehabilitation experience you require and allow you to recover in peace. They ensure that the family and personal relationships do not get affected during the treatment plan duration.


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