MUMBAI, OCTOBER 9, 2020 - Plenty of families across the world, and for ages, have had family members addicted to alcohol. It is a moot to say that such addition has not only resulted in their premature death but has always caused unmitigated harm to the families in a plethora of ways, often carrying this dysfunction to the next generation or leaving them scarred forever.


Cue, Springhab. A world class facility to treat alcohol addiction in people that results in not only the abandoning of alcohol but also hating it all their lives. Their alcohol de-addiction center uniquely provides a treatment that combines professional support and a comfortable environment during the recovery process. Patients can effectively communicate with the staff, unlearn the old things and habits, unwind, and reboot to a self, along with working intensively with the staff on  personalized recovery goals.


The complementary, highly supportive environment and personalized treatment at Springhab brings lasting recovery from alcohol. Multiple medical experts like doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, dieticians, therapists, nurses, addiction professionals, and case managers are assigned to the patients for a holistic detox treatment. As we also know that addiction can severely alter behaviour, Springhab also has behavioural experts to reset such behaviours to its former self - a much cleaner and sober one.


"I'm proud of the work we do here. Alcohol itself, and its addiction causes so much pain that it is difficult to express fully in words. Millions of families in India alone suffer from this. Whether it's parents or youngsters, the addiction destroys them all and their families virtually forever. Thankfully, those who decide to change their lives for the better, we are always ready to help them overcome every last bit of desire towards this beast of addiction. If you are looking for India's best detox program with the best set of experts, remember Springhab. We're always here for you", behavioural specialist at Springhab.


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Springhab is India's leading alcohol de-addiction center that provides the holistic approach that brings about the desired transformation in the patient.



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