“The Extraordinary Women of Destiny” is here to connect African History with Black History and introduce it as an educational resource.


One of Africa’s best kept secrets is its history. The Dynasty Series is here to introduce young black children to a part of their history that has been shrouded in mystery. Many from the African diaspora are unaware of the positive elements of their history before Slavery. The Author ‘Ruth Flynn’ is challenging this perception by bringing to children the rich and complexed history of some of the Royal families in Africa. “Extraordinary Women of Destiny” celebrates the exciting history of Queens and Princesses like Queen Nzinga, Queen Tiye, The Dahomey Amazons, Nana Yaa Asantewa, and many more bold women that graced the African Continent. “Extraordinary Women of Destiny” shows beautiful illustrations, fascinating histories and motivational stories of rulers and leaders. This book inspires children to achieve greatness. Plus, it educates the world about the importance of black history and its strong and undeniable connection with the world.

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It is a well known universal fact that children who read are happier, healthier, more empathetic and creative. Therefore, representational voices in children’s books, for all children, from all different backgrounds is important. Reading impacts how a child sees themselves and the world around them. Reading can also help children reflect on what they have read and create a better world for the human experience. The author has written “Extraordinary Women of Destiny” to empower small children and give them a sense of pride and joy in the heritage they come from and to encourage children to explore other ethnicities and cultures. The women in this book will show children that their dreams and goals can be achievable and more importantly, it will help young children love themselves and the skin they are in, as they are seeing women in a children’s book that look like them and will help other races gain knowledge of their history.

“I hope to introduce respect, care, compassion and empathy for each other's differences and equality through this book from an early age. And to achieve this, all of us should come together and educate our children about African history!”
-Ruth Flynn (Author)

During Ruth’s time in Schools, she had not seen very much representation of books with Black and Ethnic minority characters which children in a diverse country can relate to. This is not surprising as a 2018 report by ‘The Centre for Literary in Primary Education’ showed that 4% of children’s books published in the previous 12 months featured BAME characters. Ruth believes that all children need an identity and a sense of belonging. Seeing children of colour in books from an early age will empower more children of colour to walk in the footsteps of their ancestors and lead a successful life. It will boost the self-esteem of children and eliminate the mystery surrounding black history and allow people to see the crucial role black people played in history. This Children’s book gives children a broader perspective, understanding and appreciation for black children from an early age


Ruth hopes “The Extraordinary Women of Destiny'' and following books in the series facilitates social change in every country. Further supporting the educational campaign to educate children about black history before slavery and colonization and explore the contributions that Africa has made to make Black children proud.


About The Author:
Ruth Flynn was introduced to African history while she was in Primary School. Reading about the rich and captivating histories of the Heroines and Heroes of the past, Ruth learned to be proud of her culture and identity from an early age. She learned about the lives of her ancestors, who achieved greatness. This made Ruth want to learn more about Black history and discover her ancestry leading to the creation of the masterpiece, “Extraordinary Women of Dynasty”. This book is just the first instalment in the series, including titles like Extraordinary Men of Destiny and Extraordinary African Empires.

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