Do you know? There are many SEO experts serving SEO services in India. From the most have just theoretical knowledge, so they aren't providing better services to the customers.

Most of the SEO projects are depends on lead gen or sales. So for better and instant results, SEO agencies are doing cheap quality link building and using some old method, which is suitable for the short term, not a long time.

So they didn't care about the clients after the project gets completed.

But there are some excellent freelancer SEO experts also available. Who are providing quite impressive SEO services and rank their client's websites by using very good and latest techniques and trends

Here I've experienced it very well. I had a project, and I was looking for an expert, so I just found a guy Keyur Patel. I believe he is the Best SEO Expert in India. He is providing good-quality SEO services.

Also, he is doing a purely white hat and having good experience in this industry.

So, at last, I would like to say before choosing any SEO expert in India. Please take an SEO audit from them and check the experience and knowledge of them.


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