HONG KONG (July 12, 2020): Privacy advocates and activists have long been upset with major corporations, tech giants and governments for their inability and unwillingness to protect privacy of citizens. From common citizens to the celebrities, who are usually the hardest hit with privacy breaches, have sought and demanded that their data be kept safe and out of reach from prying eyes, even from the gatekeepers of privacy. Lo and behold! They asked and they received! Hash Connect has come out as the privacy champion that everyone has been vying for.

Hash Connect, with its messaging service called Hash Messenger, protects the people's privacy with absolute certainty. It uses the latest encryption and security tools to ensure your messages and transactions are yours and yours alone.  Type a message and then press encrypt and send it to your contact. They'll be able to view it only if you have shared with them your password for decrypting the message and then the decrypted message disappears from the app once the app is deleted from running in the background – unless they take a screenshot.

"We've long contemplated how we can best serve the people not just with what they want but also with what they deserve. All of us at Hash Connect put our hearts, minds and souls into creating Hash Messenger, the one service that people can trust to protect their privacy completely with not just messages but also free, crystal-clear video and audio calls along with group calls. I can assure everyone that your privacy couldn't be in more secure hands that Hash Connects. Do reach us out at", said the Senior Developer at Hash Connect, Victor Parcley.


Hash Connect is a communication firm that combines a private decentralized messenger, cryptocurrency wallet, and DApps browser into a powerful, private, and secure communication tool. It is specifically designed to protect your messages and information from third party interference.



Address - 180 Argyle St., #2013, Ho Man Tin, Hong Kong

Phone Number - +18883863902


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