(July 11, 2020): Arturo Duarte, a 15 years old teen happens to be the youngest entrepreneur who becomes the current CEO of an established esports organization called Team9K on the account of his sheer talent and skills for social media marketing. Popularly known as Turo over the social media platforms, this youngest entrepreneur(15 years old) and the CEO of an esports organization has successfully demonstrated his social media management abilities and marketing tactics at a very flourishing age. At present, this youngest CEO is owning over 730 thousand followers across social media at 15. Some of his business networks are @fortnihtt, @thequantumplane, @famousmemelord, and @thevipnetwork.

Arturo even shared his life story and his goals, 'I aspire social media marketing and management. I have developed over 730k followers through my brand and other pages I have grown on Instagram. I am part-time working at a social media agency all this at 15. My main goal is to create happiness within the world and spread positivity. My idol (juice world) helped me through depression to become a better person and be able to spread positivity throughout the world. By the time I grow up to my 30s, I aspire to have changed the way the industry works and to remove all judgemental activities in this era'.

This youngest CEO has certainly changed the anticipated dimension of the future marketing industry by achieving his first position as an owner of an esports organisation. His ultimate goal is to spread positivity across the world and this life objective is encouraging him to better his skills and abilities to create a better future. Many social influencers, companies and organizations are actively supporting him in his initiatives and works. To show love and support, follow Arturo Duarte AKA Turo at Instagram-

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instagram: @turoszn

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