(July 11, 2020): The composer master 10kmusic has recently launched its fresh track in the album of Rewind The Album. The exclusive release is 'Wrap it Up', a whole new latest hip hop song to make the mood for the parties! The song is now available for online streaming on Spotify music. Music enthusiasts who love the rap genre can enjoy the song on this online music platform. The composer of this new track has contributed to the music industry with its previous creations and some of the best compositions are- 3 addictions, Icon, Just Living, Doughlas, and Voices In My Head. All of these disstracks have gained enormous public love and popularity till date, particularly from the hip hop music lovers.

The song Wrap It Up is also enjoying great popularity and has broken the past records of limited time from the release. Music lovers are showing great love for this track and there is regular streaming of this song on online music platforms. Like the past compositions of the same producer and musician, this new release also belongs to the genre of rap and hip hop. This is one of the primary reasons why the track has received so much love from the music lovers.

The 10kmusic has acknowledged that the producer aims to give infinite joy and entertainment to the hip-hop lovers by composing lively tracks by putting his ultimate efforts! The new track of Wrap It Up is certainly one of the best compositions of 10KMusic and it is being streamed online on a great scale. Listeners can make a free Spotify account to listen to this music for free and also stream other great songs of the same composer.

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