VILNIUS, LITHUANIA - In a strongly worded letter by the Vilnius Jewish Community, three senior board members expressed their shock and horror at the conduct of Ms. Faina Kukliansky, for her support of the new international conference center development on a  500-year old Jewish cemetery at Piramónt, in the Shnípeshok district of Vilnius (Šnipiškes). 

Congregants of the Lithuanian Jewish Community described Ms. Kukliansky as a Putin-styled, one person show who does not have any democratic support from the community. In the letter to the GFV (Good Will Foundation) they have suggested that she blazed a trail of corruption and nepotism, fraudulently using the foundation to misrepresent the Jewish community and enter into agreements with the Lithuanian government and Turta Bankas. The respective agreements are a method to facilitate rubber-stamp approval for the conference center initiative.

The letter penned by Arkadij Kurliandchik, Elen Janovskaja and Efim Desiatnik, all influential members of the Vilnius Jewish Community, allege that Ms. Faina Kukliansky acted in a morally corrupt fashion, squandering millions of dollars/ euros and manipulated voting rules so she could be voted in.

The correspondence by the thee prominent members also posted on Facebook, states that Ms. Kukliansky’s leadership has “effectively disenfranchised the Jews of Lithuania.” View FULL LETTER in PDF

The letter brings in to question, the validity of the agreements which were signed by Ms. Faina Kukliansky with the Lithuanian Government and Turto Bankas. Any act of corruption, nepotism or fraud would most certainly render the agreements with the developers of the conference center, defective and invalid.

One member of the Jewish community in Vilnius was skeptical about whether an invalid agreement with Ms. Faina Kukliansky would compel the government or the bank to scuttle their initiative. “They’ve come this far using corruption and nepotism. They would probably be inclined to use those same tactics to go the extra mile,” the member said.

Separately, the legality of an agreement with a Jewish group who was commissioned to oversee development of the conference center, is also raising eyebrows. See Committee for Preservation of Jewish Cemeteries in Europe (CPJCE) has lost the plot.


David Crawford
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