Let’s get to know the real news first. will now be known as  and the new company has already started its operation. The new domain is shorter and can be remembered easily.  If you think this is just a usual business name change or domain name change; you are completely wrong.

Why the change?

Our Company is one of the longest serving business in the industry and has been operating since 2000 with a good reputation in the Australian market. We are successfully running the business with the help of our professional team for more than 18 years now. However, in recent times we have realized the IT support and consultation have changed a lot for past years.

Accordingly, our operation and techniques also have improved accordingly and it needs new branding. We are now more robust and effective when it comes to providing IT support and consultation solutions to our clients both in Australia and worldwide.

So our operation team sat on for a serious discussion on new branding and we are happy to announce that will be operating from the new branding name of We are glad that our team has already started working under the new name Intratec with our existing workforce. We are very much hopeful that our brand change will continue to result in positive outcomes for us as well as for our existing and upcoming clients.

About our Business

Intra Tec was established in 2000. For 18 years we have been demonstrating to clients throughout Australia that even though we are a team of outsourced IT professionals we can consistently work as Part of YOUR Team. We provide affordable, flexible, and reliable support for all business types. We are also committed to helping our clients implement policies, procedures, and tools to prevent problems before they occur. See how we can help you with our affordable, flexible, and reliable support options. Please contact us to discuss our support, maintenance, and consultation rates.

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