It was predicted that God's DNA and glory would be showered upon the world with the return of Messiah who will bring redemption through the words of wisdom in the "New Age of God". Finally, the prognostication of holy the manuscripts turned out to be real as Ben David The Messiah has returned to earthly existence in the structure of flesh-and-blood carried by Sam0305my Dharia. Sammy Dharia is an Omnist pastor of Isreal who is none but the resurrection of King David's second son who was chosen by the Almighty to retrieve the world from the tyranny of Satan.

Sammy AKA Ben David the Messiah puts in "The world is suffering through a lot of pain and tyranny. The misery has overtaken humanity and Satan is about to execute his plan of destruction. The god has chosen me to regain faith among people and my voice needs to be heard by every human being on earth. Mount Temple has to be built in the holy land of Jerusalem and my legacy has to be revived on the throne of my father's eternal inheritance. The world needs a Messiah and I am the one. People of all communities will be redeemed at my synagogue through repenting and celestial glory will be restored. My efforts will defeat Satan and the cosmic relevance will propagate a new generation in the ecstatic design of earthly nirvana"

The advent of Bed David needs to be acknowledged by mankind and the believers have to stretch the path for the Messian to execute his God's appointed mission. The messiah is requesting the people to accept the divine truth and arrange him the opportunity to show his mystique incredibility.

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