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LONDON, AUGUST 7, 2020 - Pacific Transfer becomes the market leader in not just online money transfer but also cryptocurrency online transfer across the world in the safest way. It has emerged as the most dependable company that engages in safe and secure ways to make international payments beating their rivals by many a mile.

With global coverage in over 80 countries and adding new ones regularly, Pacific Transfer has become crypto supported with instant exchange in as many as 30 currencies directly into Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, ETH and XRP, and all without any hassle at all. All money transfer being digital, Pacific Transfer never asks their customers to visit a branch or litter them with any paperwork.

"The use of cryptocurrency for international payments is attractive because it cuts out the need for currency exchange, allowing people to use digital assets for payments in the traditional payment infrastructure. Pacific Transfer the only company that offers OTC rates, you always get the best deal. You can open your account with us, set up your transfer and sit back and enjoy. This whole process, trust me, takes only a few minutes. Yes, we're that good! That's why so many people trust us with their business. For we always, always exceed their expectations. Digital currency is the future that we have already mastered so that you enjoy unrestricted access to the world of borderless payments", said the Senior Manager at Pacific Transfer.

Pacific Transfer also lets the customers stick to their budget, especially when they're abroad, with their built-in budgeting, so that the customer can manage their entire financial life using Pacific Transfer service.


Pacific Transfer was founded in 2016 to provide a faster and cheaper method of money transfer than traditional high-street banks and remittance outlets. Its vision is to create a world where people feel better-connected with their friends and family, no matter how many borders separate them.

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