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Following the death of George Floyd, nation-wide protests have emerged, alongside a serious acceptance of the fact that Black Lives Matter. Many organizations that once shied away from the topic, on account of it being too ‘political’, have entered the limelight, giving their two cents on the matter.

In their effort to show solidarity to the struggles of black people, a multitude of organizations have been actively rectifying actions that are deemed as problematic. Certain big oil companies have also shared their stance on the matter. Among them is Marathon Oil – who has recently terminated their partnership with Balch and Bingham.

The law firm Balch and Bingham was previously their DC lobbying partner, however, taking into account the many allegations against the law firm, Marathon Oil believes that the partnership should be ceased. The law firm has been accused of many cases of alleged racist misconduct and alleged tokenism in their hiring practices before.

With various online blogs like actively reporting issues relating to the law firm’s alleged racist misconduct, the decision by Marathon Oil to cease their partnership is being seen as a positive one by many.

Solidarity towards the Black Lives Matter movement is being shown by an array of big oil companies. Among them is Chevron, whose CEO, Mike Wirth shared some of his thoughts on issues like systemic racism that prevail in America.  Mike stated, “I share the anger and pain felt by so many Americans at the recent killings of unarmed black men and women. Racism and brutality have no place in America. Yet these incidents still occur. And they impact people well beyond those directly affected by such tragedies. Including people at our company. I absolutely believe we are stronger when we embrace our differences, and now is an important time to do just that.”

About is an online blog that covers various unsettling controversies surrounding Balch & Bingham. The Alabama-based law firm has been under fire in the past for alleged cases of racist misconduct and alleged tokenism in their hiring practices. In addition to this, they have also been the highlight of various alleged conspiracies. The website covers all past instances of alleged misconduct, as well as any further updates. The advocacy group originally called for the Trump Administration and Congressional Leadership to ban Balch & Bingham. They now, want Balch clients to suspend their relationship with the embattled firm.

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