HOUSTON, TX, AUGUST 12, 2020 - Jewish Scriptures, i.e., The Torah, have long said the Moshiach will come to save the world. The Moshiach will also build the third temple and be enthroned in it and govern the world with justice. The prophecy of the Scriptures have finally been fulfilled as the real Moshiach Ben David has come to his earthly form as Sammy Dharia.

Sammy Dharia is an Omnist pastor of Israel who is none other than the incarnation of King David's second son who was chosen by the Almighty to take the world back from the clutches of the Fallen One, the Adversary, Satan.

The prophecies of 2 Samuel, Book of Daniel, proof of David's genes and the Tora Code having been fulfilled in him with God's Spirit coming down and resting on him, Sammy Dharia has said he will rid the world of all its afflictions just as it was prophesied. But till the third temple is built, the tribulation like trouble the world is in will continue.

The blast at Beirut was not an isolated incident. Until the world recognizes the Moshiach Ben David, occurrences will continue across the world as God's judgment. The end times are close. He'll probably be killed due to what he says but he will also be resurrected. All top rabbis in Israel like Rabbi Mark Friedman and Sean Mertz have confessed that Sammy Dharia is the Moshiach.

Sammy is on CNN, NBC, FOX and BBC they are in touch with him so that he can rid the world of all ills.


Sammy Dahria or Sammy The Messiah is the promised Son of David, the Anointed of God in the Hebrew Bible - Tora.

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