SPRINGFIELD GARDENS, NY, AUGUST 7, 2020 - Hair removal company Homiley has launched a brilliant alternative to traditional hair removal methods that not only does a fantastic job of a clean shave but is also light on the pocket. Designed for all those who want hairless and beautiful Lux Skin, this product is the best that money can buy for anyone who is looking for crystal clear skin that also doesn't burn a hole in the pocket.


Presenting the DIY Laser Hair Remover that gives silky skin and smooth as the smoothest butter. Users can do from their own homes what they earlier needed the expensive professionals for - silky skin ipl that is also clean and smooth as a baby's skin. This device removes the hair follicles thoroughly so that users no longer have to worry about any discoloration or skin burn as it completely takes care of all the potentially hazardous skin concerns. 


"One of the best aspects about this device is that there are no hidden costs involved. There is also no need for any replacement. You don't have to be an expert with training to use it. It's a 'Do It Yourself'. Even the most novice of persons can very conveniently use it, I tell you. You can also visibly see reduction of at the very least 75% of hair in as little as 3 treatments! Top it all, after you have reached 8 touch-up treatments, you can very happily enjoy a perfect hair-free smooth, silky skin for up to 6 months. Don't forget to leave us your Silky Skin Reviews! ", said the founder of Homiley.


Homiley offers DIY laser hair removal handset that lets women achieve flawless skin in just about 8-12 sessions.

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