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MEMPHIS, TN. August 3, 2020 – There is a saying that whatever is posted online will stay there forever. The adage implies that negative information published online will always be easily found. But that’s not so says Wesley Upchurch, owner of His company, which launched quietly a few months ago has already helped dozens of clients remove their criminal history from Google’s top results, even for searches of their individual names.

Wesley Upchurch has helped dozens of clients improve their online reputation. But his company goes beyond reputation repair. In fact, it actually deletes criminal records from online databases, including many of the background check services that employers and landlords rely on. After significant testing and refining of the process, his team is excited to finally offer this service to the public. is now live and it’s making bold promises.

“We are confident that we can remove almost any negative result from Google’s first page,” Upchurch says, “if we can’t help you, we’ll let you know. But in most cases, we are able to push bad press down.” This is important because most people that search you on Google never look past the first page.  When potential employers, customers, or even dates look you up they aren’t likely dig much further, but even if they do it won’t matter. After just a few weeks, his clients often find that the articles which used to linger in the first few results are often buried more than three pages deep.

Someone looking to dig up dirt on their clients would have to dig pretty deep. And before they find something negative they will have to dig through page after page of positive information. This is what means by reputation repair. They don’t just hide the negative information, but actually replace it with positive content. A number of former criminals have used his service to get a fresh start at life. Without this kind of help, a convict’s information could continue to haunt them forever.

Although there has been some criticism that this information should be public, Wesley Upchurch is a man on a mission. He says, “The ongoing publication of criminal records actually leads to higher recidivism rates by making it harder for people with prior criminal history to gain lawful employment. If one can’t find lawful work, he’ll have no choice but to return to unlawful means of providing for himself.” Besides, he says people who have served their time and paid their debt to society should not continue to have their past used against them.

About is an online reputation management company. It was founded by Wesley Upchurch, an internet marketing professional who understands how much impact negative online media has on the lives of regular people who, like himself, once faced criminal charges. In many cases, these news stories contain inaccurate information or are otherwise unnecessarily defamatory. was founded with the idea that no man should be defined by his past.


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