SAN FRANCISCO, CA, AUGUST 4, 2020 - Apparel designer Help My Mind through its launching partner Teespring has launched a new set of T-shirts featuring positive and motivational messages. Owing to its unique messaging, Help My Mind plans to send a message of Unity In Positivity through its apparel amid the climate the world has found itself in.

Along with its launching partner, Teespring, Help My Mind aims to spread this positive vibe, the simple but special and profound happiness of a positive mind with its variety of clothing range. Ranging from T-shirts to sweatshirts to tank tops to hoodie, it wants to bring together people on the pedestal of staying strong, staying united and doing the right things.

"We had been wanting to launch this line for a while now. But the unnatural climate that set in stopped us temporarily. Well, not anymore. Through our massive variety of clothing options - Hoodies, t-shirts, tank tops, long sleeve, short sleeve, slouchy tee, pullovers, pillows etc., you can spread the message of positivity to yourself, to your near and dear ones and even to people you don't know. Kindness goes a long way, you see. Staying strong, staying positive goes equally longer. Individuals can easily find what they need, what size they need with a wide variety of color options to choose from. I have faith in all of us that if we stay and walk together, we can help each other come out of anything. Literally anything in the world. That's the message of coming alive we at Help My Mind want to spread", said the founder of Help My Mind, Chris.

 It is currently selling its merchandise on the popular e-commerce platform, Teespring.


 Help My Mind is an apparel making firm that sells clothing of a wide range of cold, shape and size.

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