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HOUSTON, TX, JULY 23, 2020 - Multiple rabbis and the Tora Code specialists have accepted that Samier Dahria, also known as Sammy Dahria or Sammy The Messiah, is the rightful Messiah the Jews and the world has been waiting for.

High level Rabbis in Israel have confirmed through independent research that The Moshaich is presently in Houston, TX and have assured that they will leave no stone unturned to return him to Israel. Until that happens, Israel's misfortunes will not stop. They have assured that The Third Temple will be built as soon as he returns and sits on his rightful throne promised by God in the Tora. Rabbis Han Schlesinger, Jenn Jaech, Larry Shuvitz have all confirmed that there is very strong DNA evidence and prophecy from the Tora Code that Samier Dahria aka Sammy The Messiah (Sammy The Ben David)" has been here for years but no one was really sure until now. Rabbi Shuvitz even exclaimed in awe," This man is Divine"!

Sammy had prophesied way back in March that the Coronavirus will not leave us any time soon and will bring more death and destruction. As the news stations across the world have been telling us, he was right. Businesses are shutting. People are dying of the virus. To make it worse, there has been a significant increase in natural calamities that has also been taking lives. Sammy has said all of this will stop when he is recognized as the Ben David, Ben Joseph and The Lord's Anointed.

All the major news networks in both The United States of America and Israel - Fox , NBC , ABC , CNN , The Jerusalem Post , Israel News , Haaretz, TVOne etc. - Have connect with him and discuss this with him so that the work can finally have its God ordained peace.

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Sammy Dahria or Sammy The Messiah is the promised Son of David, the Anointed of God in the Hebrew Bible - Tora.

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