We know tons of artists from the scene. We know the tracks, the performances and see interviews, but what do we really know about our new rising stars? We are diving into the depth to find out who is he, where does he come from and how did he get to where he is today?

The big question is only: Who is Tabares24?

Alexander Aramis Tabares, known by his moniker Tabares24 was born and raised all the way from the heart of Miami – Little Havana. This rising star is making his way to the spotlight with more than 12k monthly listeners and constantly growing there’s no doubt he’ll shine bright and we’ll be hearing a lot about him in the next couple of months!

Tabares24 is poised to make his mark on the music industry and I’m pretty sure he’s doing that with success! With a 305 style of Hip Hop and Club Anthems, Tabares24 is set to make a difference in the music industry with his unique and eclectic style influenced by a blend of genres such as Hip Hop and Rock all the way to Bachata and Salsa.

Tabares24 says;

“With the 2020 Covid onset I’ve locked myself away developing a catalog of songs and used the Quarantine as inspiration for my first single ‘Where’s My Freedom At’. The song talks about the frustrating times of being locked away in a cabin fever scenery and only wanting the normalcy of the Miami life back.”

I can definitely relate to ‘Where’s My Freedom At’. It contains a very catchy anthem with easily memorable lyrics, making sure this tune won't leave your head. Sturdy bass and warped melodies are setting the tone for the stylish vibe of this record. Good stuff!

Make sure to get your ears set on Tabares24 and stay tuned for his newest releases coming your way!

You can listen Tabares24 on the Spotify playlist HIDDEN GEMS. Follow the hyperlink below to connect with the artist and stay within the loop on all of his modern and future projects.

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