• High Level Business Leadership Assisting Clients to Catalyze Growth.
  • Focus on Emerging Businesses with Market Penetration Potential.
  • Current Investments in Data Automation / Business Analytical Solutions and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Ø Sales Partnerships, Administration and Seed Investment Funding.

Zevotek (OTC: ZVTK) is a fully reporting company that is driven to catalyze the growth of market disruptive and game changing business in the IOT, Business Automation, Data Processing, Business Analytics & Connected Healthcare sectors.

ZVTK is comprised of a multidisciplinary, experienced team of business people, executives and entrepreneurs. The collective experience brought by the team covers management, capital markets, finance, marketing and technology specialists. The ZVTK team collaborates with seasoned business veterans and entrepreneurs who have launched many successful private companies.

Through their expertise and network of professionals & consultants, ZVTK invests in startups and growing businesses and provides funding, development, suppliers and vendor management, software development, marketing, management as well as research & development.

  • Philosophy to Look for Companies That Have Market Penetration & Disruption Potential

ZVTK management seeks out companies to invest in and support them as the incubator from an early stage. ZVTK and its network of partners provides business plan development, market research, product prototyping, product development and supply chain management services. Funding services include seed investment, research & development and purchase order fulfillment. 

STOCK Symbol: ZVTK Is On a Mission to Grow Market with Disruptive Businesses and Game Changing Ideas

ZVTK consulting experience covers a wide range of industries enabling the company to design and facilitate strategic processes that fits its clients’ culture, planning experience and desired results. Business strategy is an essential skill and possessing the ability to define and implement will determine what happens within an organization.

ZVTK helps client companies to understand the key elements of strategic thinking and strategic planning. Determining key strategic goals, plan execution and organization of resources to achieve goals are strategies offered. Market Analysis, Positioning and Business Plan Development are additional strategic services ZVTK can provide.  

ZVTK creates connections through its own staff’s passion & expertise. Collaborating with marketing agencies and communication professionals provides powerful insights and creates inspiring, intentional strategies and designs. ZVTK is committed to the success of its customers by aiming to help them engage accordingly to their audience and focusing on producing measurable results. ZVTK can assist with Brand Strategy, Graphic Design, Content, Customer Acquisition and Marketing Analytics. 

  • Current Investment Sectors in Data Automation / Business Analytical Solutions and Artificial Intelligence

Data Automation & Business Analytics Solutions are the main enablers for sales revenue increase for any industry sectors. The ZVTK team has global experience in technology business consulting, business processes streamlining, and solution deployment. Currently ZVTK is pursuing acquisition candidates within the Business Process Automation and Business Intelligence Industry. 

DALOS has developed a new SaaS based software application named SWAP (Service Renewal Automation Platform). The application is designed to streamline and automate the service agreement renewal process. More specifically, it is targeted to companies who offer agreements that contain varying SLAs on a broad of array products within the customer installed base. DALOS provides channel participants (e.g., VARs, Resellers, etc.) a state of the art platform that tracks assets, aggregates OEM pricing, streamlines sales processes, and improves service contact renewal rates. Without DALOS, channel participants would need to implement multiple solutions in order to obtain the same functionality (CRM, CPQ, Asset Management, Marketing Automation).

ZVTK is also currently investing and promoting cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence business solutions in healthcare, education, smart cities/ homes, manufacturing, energy, and logistics sectors. Their team has deep expertise in the AI domain to mentor early-stage companies and help them grow and capture market growth.

  • Sales & Partnerships 

ZVTK offers business development services tailored to the needs of startups and mid-sized companies wishing to increase growth. They are a partner for top-line growth strategy and execution companies with an identified strength in the tech industry. ZVTK can assist companies to achieve their business development goals through sales, vendor and partners management.

  • Administration

Administrative management is a major challenge for companies. Accounting, human resources, operations and financial management require expertise and financial resources. ZVTK can provide clients with a multidisciplinary team possessing extensive experience in the business world.  They can assist with Technical Support, Human Resources, Administration, Finance & Accounting. 

  • Seed Investment & Funding

ZVTK can also be a partner for top-line growth strategy and execution companies with an identified strength in the tech industry. They assist companies to achieve their business development goals through sales, vendor and partners management.

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