Jerusalem, June 19, 2020 - Sammy Dharia has time and again declared with a lot of evidence that he's the Anointed One, the Messiah prophesied in the Scriptures. But this time, he has brought an even better proof that he is the Messiah.

Addressing it in a message to the Sanhedrin and all the Jews in Israel and across the world, Sammy showed that his lineage traces to King David and that he possesses the rare DNA Y chromosome R1-M124.

While the Jews are awaiting the Third Temple to be built, he says that it won't be built without him. He also has a message to the Christian community across the world to just relax and watch as he unfolds prophecy after prophecy.

Pointing to the situation the world is in right now - the Coronavirus pandemic, the Middle East mishaps, African genocide, rising unemployment rumours of wars across the South Asia and East Asia, the world needs a Messiah and he's the one. He implores CNN, Fox News, NBC, Israel News, The Jerusalem Post among others to contact him, sit with him, build the temple and have the rightful Ben David, the Anointed One sit on God's throne forever as He promised in the Scriptures.

Claiming that the tree will be known by its fruit, the false messiahs will be exposed before others and his claim will be vindicated as the long-awaited Ben David. He will bring all the Jews back to Jerusalem, Elijah and Enoch will return to earth and point him out as the Messiah and he should be put on the rightful throne that is his.

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Name - Sammy Dharia

Phone Number - (+1) 713-702-9457

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