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{Atlanta, GA} – Bestselling author, speaker, and certified life coach Darryl Bumpass, Sr. is announcing his newest book, “How To Become Motivated In A Coronavirus Pandemic: The Magic Of Uncertainty.” Bumpass provides readers with the tools they need to be reminded that we didn’t come this far to fall into a space of depression.

“At this moment in time people are dealing with stress, worry, uncertainty, and not knowing which way is up,” Bumpass says. “I believe people need information, inspiration, and motivation.”

Each chapter of the book provides tips for how to keep moving forward-- regardless of what stressful events are happening – in order to stay focused on our purpose and get out of our own way.

“It’s my intention to give people the tools so they’ll be able to become the best version of themselves, step into their blueprint, and regain their peace of mind and happiness”

The book comes in part from Bumpass’ own personal journey. There was a time in his life when the level of stress and worry he was experiencing caused him to be diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy. Recovery involved walking the path he lays out in this work. “Some people are feeling a lot of chaos because of the corona virus pandemic, but the reality is every day is uncertain. Uncertainty is the norm.”

Bumpass has directed successful entrepreneurial ventures for 30 years. He is also a leadership, motivational, and self-mastery expert. His previous works include, “I Know You Hear Me, But Are You Listening?"

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