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This book narrates the life of a certain people called the citizens of IlluminaRti, who are from another world and have lived on earth for thousands of years. Their Black Queen who polices them, has a task to prevent an all out war that is imminent due to disagreements between the four factions that make up this world and she must do all in her power together with her team called ‘S.A.I.’ to stop it.

The Queen aims to consolidate power and reunite with her damaged battle station called the ‘Blackstar’ in the asteroid belt.  Whether or not she can do this, she'll need her agents to be prepared. This book is available on Amazon in Kindle, Audiobook and Paper book formats, the book 2 is also expected to be published in coming days. In its pages lies a deep and compelling story and is a must read for anyone who loves war/military action fiction and adventure stories, all you have to do is open this book and get blown away.

Celeste Stacy is a transgender woman, who lives somewhere in Ohio. Although she has lived there all her life, she has done extensive traveling abroad. As such, she has a very broad view of the world and the people who live here. Her belief is that we all are children of the Earth and that everyone should live in peace and harmony. She currently shares her life with her loving wife, their three adult sons and grandkids.

Celeste began writing books in an unusual manner. She first starred in a low budget horror film that has yet to be published. Then became interested in acting, and while attending college, her English instructor loved her short stories so much as to encourage her to pursue writing instead of the medical profession.


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