Lena Benjamin, Founder and Consultant of Empower Business is pleased to announce the launch of yet another online platform “Empower Business Club”, after two successful platforms earlier to this. This online membership platform has been created to empower new and existing entrepreneurs to make money from their self-made internet ventures. Applicable for different kinds of entrepreneurs, startups, small and mid-sized businesses, this platform can be used to develop multiple income streams from online businesses; thereby giving the true meaning of achieving financial freedom.

There is no better time than this for a platform such as Empower Business Club to be introduced; in a time where it is very important to create innovative ways and opportunities to make money online. By making the best use of technology and internet, members of this club can have complete leverage on the opportunities that will be presented before them. Lena Benjamin who has already created two successful platforms finds this the best time to provide yet another excellent, efficient and a practical platform to the members.

Members who are business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, consultants and corporate executives can benefit from this online membership. They will learn how to increase the monetization of their products and services; and create online brands that make money. Lena says “Starting Empower Business Club as an online membership platform to empower others to take action and make money online was a no brainer for me. With the new normal of having to use the internet more and more, the need to be free to work from anywhere, plus my past online business experience, it is a win-win-win opportunity which is incredibly satisfying”. Lena and her global team offer virtual services to empower online businesses worldwide

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