July 09, 2020:  - Dr. DaShaunda Turner, an author, motivational speaker and college instructor alongside Lakeshia  Franklin, a military veteran adept in helping individuals transit from the military to a new life as a civilian through making the right career and financial choices, collaborate to produce one of the best goto vision board planner called; Get in the Habit of a D’Clazzique Lady.


With the singular vision of helping women stay true to their goals and achieving them through the power of focus and positive vibes, Get in the Habit of a D’Clazzique Lady is a vision board planner, a not so common type of journal packed with tons of thought-provoking exercises designed to help and guide the human mind as it explores the unchartered territory of the mind along with daily positive habit-forming affirmations.

Keeping a journal is a little unknown tool that tends to be underutilized or not used at all by many. A journal is a perfect place to record insights and inspirations, it’s the engine room of the mind for any successful individual, it’s where insights begin to take shape and solidify. Get in the Habit of a D’Clazzique Lady is the ideal weapon to strategize, plan and achieve anything that is desired in life.

In agreement with Dr. DaShaunda, she shares their reasons and intention of creating this, in her words, “this journal is dedicated to helping you get the habit of a D’Clazzique lady; a lady committed to a vision and a purpose and dedicated to making the most of each day. A D’Clazzique lady is a lady who embraces all and everything about her and harnesses the total acceptance of herself into a positive energy that propels her to connect and thrive within her sphere of influence. She is the “Classy and Jazzy Lady”.

Get in the habit of a D’Clazzique Lady vision board journal is powered by the I am A D’Clazzique Lady Organizaion, an empowerment and coaching organization for ladies. It focuses on helping them embrace their self and focus on their goals through vision boarding, planning, and execution.

Get in the Habit of a D'Clazzique Lady is available across different online platforms;,, Barnes & Noble, Google Books, and Amazon. For more information about the book and D’Clazzique Lady Organization, get started here.

About Dr. DaShaunda Turner

Dr. Turner is a serial entrepreneur, the CEO, and Founder of D Global Partners, LLC, and D’Clazzique Hair Solutions, LLC.  With over 15 year’s wealth of experience in human resources, strategic planning, and organizational development, she seeks to help individuals and organizations flourish and attain their goals.

About Lakeshia Franklin

Lakeshia Franklin is a United States Army Veteran with over a decade of serving the nation.  She encourages, guides individuals and families transiting from military to civilians or vice-versa in making the right career choices, as well as how to remain financially stable in and out of college settings.  She is currently working towards a master’s degree in Human Resource Management.

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