China (August 26, 2019): Industrial Brushes are predominant Consumable Stores for many Industries. Depending upon their use, these Brushes differ in size, shape, format, filament used and basic material etc. Supplying all the varieties and manufacturing according to the customized prototype as Original Equipment is a challenging task. The Chinese Company Jiaxing Waldo Brush Co. Ltd. Waldobrush is facing this challenge for the last two decades.

The announcement made today by Waldo informs Industries across the world that as Industrial Brush Manufacturer, they are in a position to design, manufacture and supply Custom Industrial Brushes of any type in any volume.

The list of Brushes provided is really long starting from Strip Brushes, Gutter Brushes,drill brushes, roller brushes, Spiral brushes, power brushes, tube brushes, chimney brushes, road sweeper brushes, snow sweeper brushes, snow power broom and more technical brushes for proven performance.

As for Manufacturing Capacity, Waldo have two expansive Plants in China. They are ISO certified company. They adhere to advanced Industrial Brush Manufacturing Technology, used by latest and sophisticated Machinery. The Customers have a plethora of choices for filaments in brushes and patterns. Similarly the brushes can be manufactured using varied basic materials, such as Stainless Steel, aluminum, Galvanized, Plastic, PP, PVC, TPE, EDM, Rubber or any other customized material.

The Customers can get necessary guidance in designing their OEM products, with Confidential Agreement and order for supply, streamlined with deferred delivery schedules as they wish. Waldo assures competitive price because of their enormous manufacturing capacity in-house, and reduced manufacturing cost. The announcement takes justifiable pride in informing that recently their power snow broom and sweeper brushes were favorited by their world customers, for their outstanding performance and quality.

Customers are invited to visit  for full details and get benefited.

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