Tube Homie has got to be the coolest name I have heard of in a long time. Not Tubebuddy, Tube Homie. It's not a YouTubers best friend, it's "your best friend on social media" or so says the owner of Tube Homie Kris Novak, a middle-aged female digital hustler... self-proclaimed mind you... is another thing you don't see every day.

Tube Homie is family owned and operated and focuses on delivering "growth hacks" to its customers as well as organic growth through digital promotion. They don't like to sell you just one or two things they want to find out what your goal is and teach you how to get there as well as make available to you everything necessary to succeed. What began as a small startup selling likes and followers has turned into fairly massive marketing agency that has the Novak family managing the numbers for celebrities and even larger companies they say but cannot tell us anything more due to the nature of the industry and non-disclosure agreements that have been signed.

Be that as it may the types of jobs TubeHomie can do are incredible things like fixing your audience retention on YouTube or your subscriber watch time percentage metric or how about a silver play button? You can even buy THAT. This is largely due to Kris Novak's son Preston Hudman (@prestonhudman the infamous YouTube guru who has made a name fort himself circumventing Googles technological measures for the last 9 years his mother says. I told you this family is incredible! Just see for yourself at

Before finishing this release it should be noted that does indeed offer likes and followers as well as every other social media service you can think of and right now they are having a sale on "verified user engagement" aka blue check comments in anticipation of Instagrams next big update that is going to hide all public like counts and view counts. They say this will make the value/cost of comments go sky high so everyone should go over to Tube homie now and stock up! It's not like you can go anywhere else to buy comments form REAL Celebrities THAT WILL ENGAGE WITH YOUR CONTENT. Nope, only at or @tubehomie on Instagram.

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