China (August 27, 2019): In today’s Technology advancements in rapid strides, the need for Scientific Database platforms is immense. In order to provide high tech services through valuable Data Resources, here is one authentic platform by name China National GeneBank DataBase – CNGBdb coming forward.

The announcement made today by GNGBdb deals exhaustively with the details about this valuable data resource helping the Research Community around the world. It reassures that based on the big data and cloud computing technologies, it provides data services such as archive, analysis, knowledge search, management authorization, and visualization. At present, CNGBdb has integrated large amounts of internal and external molecular data and other information from CNGB, NCBI, EBI, DDBJ, etc., indexed by search, covering 10 data structures. Moreover, CNGBdb correlates living sources, biological samples and bioinformatic data to realize the traceability of comprehensive data.

The announcement indicates that anyone in need of genebank in bioinformatics; gene sequence database; gene disease database; genebank database; gene database (genedb); gene expression database; and human gene mutation database etc. can straight away contact this resource online.

It further explains that there are three Banks and two Platforms of CNGB. The banks include a Biorepository, Bio Informatics Data Center, and Living Biobank, while the platforms consist of a Digitalization Platform, as well as a Synthesis and Editing Platform. The GNGB has built a public welfare, open, supportive and leading service platform for genetic resources mining, based on the ability of storing, reading and writing massive biological resources. CNGBdb provides various biological big data sharing and application services, based on the living samples, biological resource samples, and bioinformatics data.

One of the main advantages of the CNGB is the construction of a Biorepository, Bio-informatics Data Center and Living Biobank covering the life cycle. CNGBdb interconnects the information of the three sbanks and provides external data sharing services to enable biological data to be traced throughout the life cycle.

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