HR365 is one of the leading software responsible for modernizing operations in many offices.With an abundance of available options, it has allowed a multitude of businesses to shift towards a paperless approach to management.

The convenience and simplicity that these programs provide are two major factors behind their continual rise in popularity. HR365 whish is built on Office365, has received many updates and additional features that make handling many departments even easier. Among the very best options to offer is its Timesheet Plus and Time Tracker 365 features.

Timesheet Plus is a timesheet system that offers users a lot of flexibility, without compromising simplicity. Users can utilize its functions like time sheets, daily projected and operational tasks and much more. The feature works seamlessly, removing any worries of maintaining logins, credentials or security issues.

The time tracking feature comes alongside the acclaimed Office 365 package.  It is available within the Office 365 framework. As such, no other costs are incurred when using this feature, besides the existing Office 365 plans. Great news, now it is available with 30 days trial with no string attached.

This is an ideal solution for small to medium-sized and enterprise companies. It allows them to more easily garner details and information about how time is being spent within their company. This can help identity roadblocks and streamline processes to boost operational productivity. The tracking app comes with both weekly and daily overviews, allowing one to easily put things in perspective.

Despite the many features offered, the primary goal was to make it as easy to use as possible. The focus was to simplify the process for not just the users, but also for the managers. Thus, both the functions of recording time for their projects, and designing and receiving reports and statistics have been highly streamlined.

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