Exscudo channels app is a wallet and encrypted chat application which was developed by an innovative fintech company Exscudo. Based on the in-house blockchain of Exscudo, EON, Channels offers a unique user experience by allowing to hold and transfer various digital assets while securing all transactions within the ecosystem with the EON blockchain. In addition, Channels supports encrypted messaging and gives a unique opportunity to send money to contacts like text messages  with just a few clicks!

Channels is a part of a next-generation financial ecosystem that consists of the app itself. Exscudo exchange and the EON blockchain.

Benefits of Channels:

The application developed by Exscudo enables users to receive several benefits when compared to working with traditional banks.

  • Send money abroad in an instant: with the use of blockchain technology and colored coins, Channels does not care whether your contact whom your are making a transfer to is in the next room or on the other side of the planet. The transfer will be equally cheap and fast.
  • Enjoy the real financial freedom: Channels app allows you to hold a huge variety of both traditional or digital assets. In the future, you will even be able to hold digitized representations of your real world assets, like property. What’s more, thanks to automatic conversion into USD, you can use Channels to hold an assets like QTUM crypto and pay with it at any traditional retailer.
  • Manage all your assets from one place: Channels provides a wide selection of financial tools that will allow you to manage your assets right from your smartphone. You can send your money to contacts in an instant, exchange between currencies at very good rates and perform other financial operations with a simple swipe of your thumb.
  • Benefit from true security: all your assets and personal data exist in the blockchain, which means that nobody except you will be able to gain access to your information or your money. Blockahin insures that the developer, nor the government will be able to access your funds. With Channels, what is yours is yours, and yours only.
  • Talk to your friends and ?ollegues and enjoy real privacy: Channels has integrated messenger functionality and supports text messaging as well as audio and video calls. All exchanged information is encrypted which ensures that your private conversations will stay exactly that - private.

However, the underlying functionality of channels is so powerful that features mentioned above only scratch the surface of the true potential of the Channels app. Exscudo team is working hard on implementing new features and the application is constantly being improved and upgraded with regular updates.

About Exscudo

Exscudo is the nextgen financial ecosystem that unites the traditional financial system and the cryptocurrency market. The primary goal of the project is to create a single gate to the cryptocurrency market for simple users, professional traders, investors, and financial institutions. Exscudo’s ecosystem consists of a Stock exchange, as well as a merchant, wallets, trading terminals, cards, and a protected communication channel.


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