In a recent article ( ), Francis Sullivan, the Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager enthusiast took a closer look at what is Google Analytics and how it can help businesses make better decisions that move them closer towards their business goals.

Being the most popular tool for web tracking, learning how to use Google Analytics is a key factor in making good business decisions and having success online. In the article, Francis explains how is Google Analytics counting user interactions, what information is sent to Google Analytics, where to get the tracking code and how to add it on the site.

Other than this, an overview for the four main reports is shown. The main reports are Acquisition, Audience, Behavior and Conversions.

The acquisition overview report shows where users come from. The data is categorized by channels (Organic Search, Direct, Social, etc) and by traffic source like,, etc.

The audience report lets you analyze users in a more detailed way. It shows demographic data such as gender and age group, user type, their interests, the technology and devices used.

The Behavior reports show how users are using the site and which pages they read. It also showsthe average time users spent reading your site’s pages, bounce rate and exit rate for each of the pages.

The conversionreports from Google Analytics presents how users convert on your website and help you analyze the conversion rate for various traffic sources, campaigns, etc.

Francis Sullivan is a web analyst specialized in tools like Google Analytics, Mixpanel, YandexMetrica and Google Tag Manager who recently started to share his knowledge and experience he gathered in the past 5 year, on his blog In this way he hopes to spread the word of Google Analytics and to increase the awareness of companies in regards to what business analytics tool can provide for them and how they can help increase sales and KPIs.

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