August 12th, 2019: Gear up bike enthusiasts as E-rim is all set to bring its product that easily converts a bicycle into an electric bike. The rider will enjoy an excellent automated mode and casually ride is bicycle uphill or against wind. This innovation is a must-have addition to the bike rider’s accessory list.

Riding a bicycle outdoors is a great rejuvenation venture for us. Amidst hard work and a hectic lifestyle, riding a bike with friends in the park or on a road trail is awesome. E-rim is making this fun more entertaining by introducing a revolutionizing e-bike conversion kit. This kit will enable a biker to convert his bicycle into an e-bike. The universal design of this kit comes in a perfect size for all popular bike models. More than 90% of the bike models prevalent these will be able to accommodate this conversion kit easily.

The electric bike kit has a strong hub motor with an automated detection system. When the rider reaches a speed of 6 km/hr, the motor automatically engages. When the speed reaches 25 km/hr, it will cut off its power. The kit comes with simple on/off switch for the rider to decide to engage the E-rim kit. Setting up the pedelec and installing the bike conversion kit is very easy. The official website provides step-wise guidance via video support so that the riders can easily fix it by themselves.

The assistance of this E-rim bike kit delivering more power whenever needed will revolutionize daily commute and cycling experience. While riding uphill or headwind, the rider might need more power. This is when the E-rim bike converter will become very handy. The entire kit has passed the test of endurance of hostile weather and terrain stress.

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