There are many recruitment portals running these days offering services which includes posting jobs to various job board and full resume access.  Many of these portals asks for registering in various sites or they charge a good amount to publish any job vacancy.

Jobisite got into limelight again as it started offering all these features which recruiters can try for atleast one month without paying anything. It has been referred as premium services of Jobisite for recruiters.

 In the current market and comparing with many competitors and similar offerings, it has been shown much appreciation and reliability. It has considerably reduced the cost and time for recruiters.

Recruiters can just post these jobs in Jobisite and it gets automatically published in various other network and partner job boards.

 It also gets published in various social sites having a large number of audience. Furthermore, it also reduce cost.

 If anyone signs up, it doesn't create any bill for first month. Recruiters are charged a very affordable amount of less than twenty dollars if they like and  continue the service. They can however cancel this service anytime they want. Last but not least, it also gives full access to resume databases.  There are plans to get resumes from other network job boards to be accessible for recruiters. To conclude, its a good opportunity for many recruiters to start and speed up their recruitment.

This can also be considered as a key tool for independent recruiters. As they are not backed or funded by big companies, it becomes challenge to post job ad in job portals asking hundreds of dollars. Also, many a times, they try to work on various jobs vacancies since they want to serve various clients of various domains and regions.  They can now easily use this service and try to post unlimited job ads and not to worry about individual job ad cost.In addition to independent recruiters,  it can be a very useful service for corp-corp recruiters, contract recruiters and offshore recruiters.

Recruiters have started and loving the easy and simpleness of the services. Unlike, other website, it doesn't have click actions to submit job post to other networks. The key focus is to keep it simple. Just post the job ad and behind the scene, it will automatically get published. No tricky or confusing process if what makes it really a go-to tool for recruiters now.

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