13th June, 2019: Fresh Vegetables have abundance of demand in all countries. Due to communication constraints, the export market did not enlarge in the earlier decades. But times have changed today by the availability of Internet. Good Quality Garlic, Onions, Vegetables and Fruit have found international market, for the benefit of any vegetables supplier in any country. On this context, Wuhan Sier International Co. Ltd., China has announced its readiness to export bulk quantities of Garlic, Ginger, Onions and other vegetables of Chinese origin, to global markets.

The announcement takes pride in informing that established in 2008, their company specializes in Garlic Export particularly. As a popular China garlic producer, this company has all the infrastructure facilities of a big farm, where organic garlic is planted, and systematically managed factory for planting, collecting, storing, processing and packing, according to world-quality standards prescribed.

Being a China garlic exporter to global consumers, their company adopts the policy of “Green Farm, Green business”. So by this strict policy, vegetable vendors in any country are in a position to get wholesale fresh garlic, direct from the Chinese farm to consumers’ kitchen.


The announcement encourages world buyers that they can establish business contact with Wuhan Sier International for long term import from them. This way the buyers are opening up a new source, completely trust-worthy for timely deliveries of organic Garlic, Onion, Ginger, other vegetables and fruits available in China only.

The buyers can visit their site to know the exact details of export packings available, the different species of these vegetables and allied details completely. They can enter into a long term contract and confirm the prices in advance, because the prices are fluctuating frequently in the market. For buying cheap garlic imported from Chinese farm, interested parties are requested to click and get benefited.





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