19th November, 2019: The 16th and 17th of this month will be earmarked as the 50th edition of Design Festa where more than 12,000 artists will be presenting their artwork in Tokyo. This is the biggest art festival in Asia where the enthusiasts will find top-class and modern Japanese design in different segments of art.

Since 1994, this platform has been one of the best dimensions for the budding artists and professionals to showcase their master creations. It is the right place where one can exhibit his/her passion and creations to the world. It occurs two biannually in Japan. This art festival invites and unites artists from all over the world, irrespective of age, sex, and demography.

The festival is the perfect international dais for artists and performers. The diversity of this festival is itself a remarkable feature to witness. The exuberant expression of the artists via their art medium is worth witnessing. This art festival is visited by professionals belonging to different verticals to discover new Japan design and art styles for incorporating them into their new product designs.

The prime motive of this event is to boost the artistic temper of a creator. The main reason for such a huge volume of participation in this international event is presentation without any limit or boundaries. There is no restriction as such in terms of censorship and judgment. Within 25 years of its inception, Design Festa has become the best dimension to express an artist’s thoughts and concepts to the world. Live music, dance and other artistic performances make the venue more lively and enjoyable for the visitors.

The application for Design Festa Volume 50 is still open. Visit for more information.

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