There are several treatments of erectile dysfunction. These treatments vary from natural to conventional medical treatment to extraordinary treatments. The most proven common natural treatment for erectile dysfunction is exercise. Research and studies reveal that regular exercise produces significant help in treating and curing erectile dysfunction.As to those conventional medical treatment , a variety of medicines such as Viagra, Alprostadil, Cialis, Levitra and other wonder drugs are commonly prescribe by doctors to their patients. These drugs are somehow effective but it sometimes produces devastating side effects.With respect to those extraordinary treatments, some medical practitioner and psychologist believes that engaging in sex therapy will help treat erectile dysfunction. Through sex therapy, a counselor or sex therapist will guide the patient and his partner on how to overcome the dysfunction. Of course, this kind of treatment applies to married couples and for those couples whose female partners are supportive and cooperative.But is there any new treatment to erectile dysfunction? According to some researcher in Israel, the use or application of the newly discovered low intensity shockwave therapy, a therapy which is used for enhancing the vasculogenesis of the heart, drastically help treat erectile dysfunction. Studies reveal that low intensity shockwave therapy helps stimulate and regenerate some of the vessels from the heart to the penis which are main connectors to bring out rigidity or stiffness of the penis. Low intensity shockwave therapy was tested to some men and the result was surprisingly promising. Almost half of the tested men outputs significant result and gave substantial improvement. Although the therapy was a bit painful, most men did not see it as a problem because they were very much overwhelmed and satisfied by the promising and effective result.With low intensity shockwave therapy, their sex lives miraculously produces substantial amount of change. Certainly, the said therapy helps them ease their anxiety and boost up their self esteem.

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