Henry’s Caring Heart Foundation offers a fantastic social service that benefits underemployed and unemployed people and their beloved pets. This nonprofit organization was founded in 2019 and provides grants of up to $500 for cash-strapped individuals who need financial assistance with shelter adoption fees, routine and emergency pet medical care, and even pet essentials, like pet food, flea and heartworm preventatives, and much more. Henry’s Caring Heart’s unique humanitarian gesture is changing the landscape of animal welfare on its mission to be every pet’s financial lifeline from birth through the moment they transition.

To achieve this goal, Henry’s Caring Heart Foundation is seeking corporate sponsors from like-minded and caring entrepreneurs who are passionate about animal welfare and desperately want to make a positive difference in the lives of pets and their families. The HCH nonprofit organization is currently seeking corporate partners who love pets and want to contribute to a good cause, with their time and/or their finances. The HCH Foundation is seeking entrepreneurs who understand the unique bond that humans and pets have and are willing to do what it takes to help families and their beloved pets in IL, IN, and WI.

This organization seeks to alleviate pet homelessness and the stress on pets and humans alike that results from financial abandonment at shelters. According to a recent study, many individuals experience severe trauma and depression when they are forced to surrender their pets, often due to financial challenges. Additionally this undesirable separation negatively impacts their pets too and can create a horrible situation for both parties.

This is where Henry’s Caring Heart steps in. Their mission is to keep pets and their family members together despite financial hardships. Therefore, they work relentlessly to provide financial aid grants to those who need it the most. To make this humanitarian goal even more successful, the HCH Foundation is mainly targeting businesses and corporations to collaborate with them for this precious cause.

“We know there are many businesses and corporations who are just as passionate about animal welfare as we are,” says the Founder and Executive Director, Kristi Patrice Carter. “We know they would love to volunteer their time to help other pet families in need, so we are making it easy for them to connect with an organization who cares. Together, we can make a difference.”

Interested companies who want to be a part of this beautiful mission can reach out to Henry’s Caring Heart Foundation via its official website and sign up as a corporate sponsor. In addition to feeling good about helping the community, these special partners will receive brand exposure on HCH’s website andin its promotional material, social media posts, newsletters, and so much more.

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