Being a pet parent to a scaled, feathered, or furred baby is one of life's true blessings. Not only do you provide a loving and nurturing home to pets who need you, but you receive unconditional love and companionship from them as well. However, taking care of your pet's emotional and physical needs can be challenging, especially if you or your family are experiencing financial difficulties. The good news is that you no longer have to suffer alone. Henry's Caring Heart is your pet's financial lifeline through tough times. They provide financial pet grants of up to $500 for unemployed and underemployed individuals who need help with shelter adoption fees, routine and emergency pet care costs, pet boarding fees, and pet supplies.  

Henry's Caring Heart Foundation was created by Kristi Patrice Carter to help families experiencing tough financial situations. She is a life-long pet lover and created the Henry's Caring Heart Foundation after her beloved soul-pet, Henry, lost his battle to cardiac heart disease. Kristi and her family often struggled to pay for Henry's expensive veterinarian care and medical treatments and wanted to make sure that no other families ever had to experience that type of stress or strain caused by financial difficulties.

Henry's Caring Heart Foundation completely understands the vital and empowering relationship between pet parents and their beloved pets, and are committed to helping keep families and pets together despite challenging financial difficulties. The new foundation offers small financial grants of up to $500 to pet owners who qualify and work collaboratively with vet clinics, animal shelters, boarding facilities, and family members to meet the needs of financially challenged families and their pets. They offer grants for shelter adoption fees, routine, and emergency pet care costs, pet boarding when owners are sick or in the hospital, and for pet supplies, like food and heartworm and flea preventatives.

"We love families and their pets, and we understand the strong bond they have with one another. It is our mission to help as many pets and humans as we can. Collaboratively, we can (and will) eliminate pet abandonment due to financial difficulties, and we will do our best to keep ALL pets out of shelters and with their caring and dedicated family members who love them, "said Kristi Patrice Carter, founder and Executive Director of Henry's Caring Heart Foundation. "The amount of money in one's bank account should never dictate whether a pet receives a loving forever home, appropriate vet care, quality food, treats, or medical supplies they need to live a long and happy life," says Carter.

Applying for a pet financial aid grant is simple and fast. Once applicants submit the appropriate paperwork, proof of income, and other information, they will receive a decision within 72 hours or less. The foundation accepts monetary or gifts-in-kind donations,and  they are on mission to help 25 families in 2019 with grants of up to $500 each.

To learn more about Henry's Caring Heart Foundation, to request assistance, to make a donation to support our mission, or to get involved as a partner or volunteer, be sure to visit or call 833-PET-CASH (1-833-738-2274) to speak to a consultant directly.


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