(July 10, 2019): The pride of a multi-star hotel is its choice of linen. MC Hotel Linen presents a versatile online portal to find the best linen specifically fabricated for hotels and hospitality industry.

Established in the year 2010, MC Hospitality Supply Chain Co. Ltd. has always addressed the gaps in the procurement of various resources for the hotels. It has prepared a perfect platform where the hospitality brands will now be able to find the best hotel linen at a wholesale rate. The prime motto of catering to this unique online B2B platform is for the easement of resource allocation, as well as, reducing the cost of procuring.

It is because of this exclusive online portal, the top-notch hotel brands from all over the world can now directly contact the manufacturers and suppliers in order to get the best-quality linen. This resource is very much required for providing immense satisfaction to the customers. From bath linen to bed sheets, the use of highest-grade resources is absolutely mandatory. This is where MC Hotel Linen, the leading hotel curtain supplier 

Being the most favored wholesale hotel linen supplier, this brand has come up with a unique communication channel where the hoteliers will be able to discover and procure best linen. It boasts of a huge client base crossing 3000+ reputed names in the hospitality industry. The presence of clients overseas covers more than 40 countries.

This unique hotel towel supplier also offers custom-made brand-specific solutions for the clients. In fact, this leading China hotel linen supplier also offers a turnkey service to cover all the requirements of a niche hotel such as bed linen, bed cover, duvet, pillow cases, baby bedding set linen, curtain, etc.

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