San Diego, California (July 06, 2019) – With the best strategic partners like Orphan Angel Foundation and San Diego Reserve Bank, ButterCoin offers ERC20 Compliant Ethereum Token attached to Ethereuem with tracking mechanism, This will surely be good news for those planning to invest in Ethereum through a safe source.

With bank-grade cryptocurrency, ButterCoin offers an inside Turing-complete language for scripting. This language offered by this brand can be used by a programmer for constructing any smart contract or even a transaction type that can be mathematically defined.

For those planning for mergers and acquisitions of Alt-Coins, they are sure to get the utmost benefit from ButterCoin. It will be helpful in the creation of financial derivatives. Further, it will help with representing the assets of a company like stocks and individual tokens that represent a smart property.

With the deep understanding of the process associated with investing in companies and buying, ButterCoin will stand as acquisition coin. Further, with the team at this company having the right knowledge on working collaboratively with management teams, investing with this company will surely turn out to be a beneficial endeavor without any doubt.

When talking about their service, the company says “ButterCoin does not launch any public airdrop. Only public and internal investors, partners, affiliates are interested. In the future, ButterCoin will sell BTTR tokens under STO. Every other interested party can buy BTTR on exchanges.”

About ButterCoin:

ButterCoin with Ticker BTTR and a total supply of, plans for a revolution in the cryptocurrency domain. It will turn out to be a beneficial endeavor for investors for sure.

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