(September 11, 2019): Pedaling a bicycle causes lots of physical strain. Elderly people find it very difficult. Changing to bike or two-wheeler vehicle is a costly proposition and it requires fuel too. In order to alley the anxieties and give them a pleasant ride, here is a novel invention. A dramatic equipment with the slogan “E-rim Let’s e-bike now on INDIEGOGO” is made available, by the Taiwan Company.

The announcement made today by the Company E-rim Technology is glad to inform that anyone possessing an ordinary bicycle can easily transform the same into a e-bike effortlessly, by fixing their newly invented E-rim in the front. As for electric bicycles, they are not new. But in this E-rim there is a small attachment at the center of the front wheel, which gives power to the cycle. The electric motor can be made off or on, according to the need of the rider.

When riding uphill, the motor adds assistance to the rider to go forward . At the same time, it has regenerative function also. While riding downhill, the hub motor acts as a generator and supply the battery with energy.

The rider needs to charge the battery for 3 hours only and the e-bike can carry 120 kgs. of weight. This latest bicycle can be used by persons with knee-pain, backpain or asthma etc.

E-rim Technology is conducting as of now on crowdfunding campaign, to popularize their e- bike all over the globe. The cost is negligible when compared to the advantages derived.

Anyone who wants more details about this new model bicycle wheel can get them, through wide illustrations and demos by means of videos published at the website

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