Washington TWP, NJ (S), USA - Chef Murph Radio - promises to play music that is historically erased by traditional FM media practices” - will start fully broadcasting on 22nd February2019. This station will give opportunity to the new musicians of from all genres. The music to be played can be requested through Face book “Chef Murph Radio” or Website: There is no limitation about what you can hear like that of traditional FM Radio station.

Welcome to Chef

On the launch of Chef Murph Radio, Chef Murph said: “There are hundreds of radio stations playing rock, rap, pop, to country and western music. We are different because we are going all out to entertain, playing what they won’t or can’t play on FM Radio.  I want to laugh with the listeners, and have a good time. I will play new artist from the streets of Philly to the world. Send me your registered music in MP3 format.

Programming, between 12 a.m. to 6 a.m. EST every day, the station will feature ‘”Chef Murph’s Midnight Mother Trucker Program”, Truck-driving country, continuing the oral tradition of truck folklore and stories. Notable truck-driving country artists include Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen, David Allan Coe, Dick Curless, Dave Dudley,  and, Jerry Reed From 6 a.m. till midnight it’s a “Free For All.” Whatever is requested From Beatles, B.B. King, Steppenwolf, Judaist Priest, Grateful Dead, Osiris Wildfire to Mickey Dolenz and the Monkee’s.

Programming from 9 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. EST daily, Health Eating Podcast will be broadcasted for people who want to have a deeper understanding behind the psychology and science behind what they eat. Created by Chef Murph, he brings in experts from all sorts of fields to talk about an interesting array of topics. Last but not least, Saturday Night 7p.m. is “Chef Murph’s Metal Kitchen” Playing 80’s Hair bands to metal of: Anthrax, Motor Head, Black Sabbath and Chef Murph’s favorite Lita Ford.  All the stuff FM Radio can’t or won’t play. On Saturday and Sunday from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST Weekend Easy Listening will be broadcasted. It’s a free for all. One can hear big bands, EDM, Blues, and Funk to U2 as well new artists

Chef Murph Radio has three global servers, England, Japan, and U.S. to allow listening to in 200+ Countries just not North Korea or China, yet.

About Chef K.T. Murphy:

His working history spans over 35+ years including Military, Law Enforcement, Logistics, Farming, Music, Film, and Cooking.  A graduated from: Escoffier Culinary Academy Both Culinary and Pastry, Gourmet Cuisine CIA, Top Chef University NYC, E Bull Foundation ,Spain ,Master Organic Gardner, Aquaponics/ Farming from Cornell University, University of the Virgin Islands, and Aquaculture from University of Hawaii, Child Nutrition at Stanford University, University of Pittsburgh,  Wine Sommelier, and The Mediterranean Wine School, UC Davis, Queens College AU, logistics: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Korean Advanced Institute of Technology, Nepal Institute of Technology and Rutgers University ,Soft Matter Engineering, Sustainability, Film at Harvard University/Columbia University.

He is part of various foundations and groups such as Gray Matter Brain Cancer Society Board of Directors, Americans with Autism Board of Directors, Humans for People Foundation Board of Directors, Chefs Collaborative, American Culinary Federation, Philadelphia Film Society, Photo League of Philadelphia, Ordinary Heroes’, World Health Organization. Find out more:

Media Contact:

Chef K.T. Murphy   

Phone: 856.668.6153

Address: 10 Acrux CT, Suite110, Washington TWP, Sewell NJ 08080




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