Long Beach CA. (February 27, 2019): Landfills are the 3rd largestman madegreenhouse gas emitter worldwide*. In the US, food waste is the #1 component in the landfills; 43% is food waste from households**. In order to affect climate change, we all need to take drastic measures to reduce food and pet waste at home. Until recently, composting was one of the only effective ways to address this problem. But unlike standard #surveys, which is messy and time consuming, BioPower Enterprises (BPE) offers an upgrade. Their new product the ANDI.


Founder, Jacqueline Gilyard Jones said, “The ANDI provides the opportunity for each of us to directly impact climate change. According to the 2018 report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, we only have about 12 years to avoid the severe repercussions of climate change***. I believe that we must take it into our own hands to create a clean future for all. We all deserve that, and the ANDI can help us get there.”

Adapting an aerobic digestion technology, (used for manure management on dairy farms) we’ve developed a system that is fully automated and sized for the home. The ANDI also captures biogas and produces liquid fertilizer.

BioPower Enterprises is a minority woman-owned start up and we’re actively working on our consumer-friendly prototype. We are currently raising money and collecting consumer feedback on our survey to help us build the next model. There are several ways you can join our journey.

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