Corsico (MI) Italy, 26 April 2019: Removal of unwanted hair from the body parts has been a nuisance causing discomfort and pain for the womenfolk. The popular method of waxing is resorted to by the majority chunk. Now by using the modern Technology Advancement, an Italian Beauty Treatment Clinic by name Epilate Corsico announces that they are capable of providing “trattamento epilazione definitiva laser” which means final hair removal using laser rays.

The announcement informs that by virtue of the Revolutionary medical Technology – Selected Wave Bond Technology (SWT) using epilazione laser rays, the effectiveness of the hair removal treatment is enhanced manifold. This has been proved beyond doubt and guaranteed by clinical tests.

In this treatment, the epilazione definitiva laser waves reach exclusively the germinative cells at the base of the hair follicle and eliminate them. Thus the growth of hair is prevented permanently. The operators using the epilazione definitiva hair removal technique ensure the Client is happy that the growth of unwanted hair is arrested, once and for all.
As regards safety, the treatment method assures with the double-filter system used, the risks of secondary effects in the treatment are eliminated completely. The treatment method is explained fully by the announcement, which says the specialized operator will first assess the type of hair of the Client, skin and tan level etc. Then the operator prepares the machine with the most suitable applicator and sets the required parameters.

Thanks to the application of new technologies such as the cooling system integrated in the handpiece, and the automatic band selection, laser hair removal treatments are very safe. They are able to guarantee optimal results on all skin types. This method is very effective even for those suffering from particular hormonal or skin diseases, such as folliculitis. Individuals with severe skin conditions, for example, or pregnant women, should avoid laser exposure, or otherwise consult their doctor to obtain a consultation on the matter.

Appropriate safety precautions are taken to cover the eyes and body parts of the Client, and application of gel etc. are done. The entire treatment in terms of the pre-set formula of “depilazione definitiva laser milano” is carried out with devotion and care, to make the total hair removal highly successful. The announcement invites interested persons to visit for further details.

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Trattamenti di epilazione definitiva laser
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Phone: +39 02 98992579

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