Whether you are buying for yourself, or it's a gift for someone special, finding the right men's accessories isn't always easy. Let's face it, just because there's more choice doesn't equate to better quality and style. This is an issue that Capthatt has addressed with gusto, releasing new ranges of accessories that meet the style and the functional needs of men today. These are made to the highest standard and include accessories such as; wallets, bracelets, belts, hats, men's bags to name but a few.

Black Gold Leather Bracelet for Men

Every man needs a wallet, but more than that every man needs a wallet that fits his life and his style needs. Capthatt has heralded the season with a wide range of wallets that speak to the modern man. There are eco-friendly cork wallets, retro clutch wallets with striking designs and the latest in RFID blocking wallets. These accompany some of Capthatt's classics, such as the hand crafted soft leather wallets. Specifically made to be premium quality without the premium prices. So whether you're a business man or a mountaineer, there's a wallet for you.

Men's bags have gone beyond simple messenger bags and have become must have items for the man on the go. Capthatt's men's bags include canvas laptop bags, satchels, ipad travel bags, and rucksacks with a bold fresh look.

Kingsley Jones, Founder of Capthatt states:

"It's about taking the best material and creating organic designs that are wearable yet unique. All of our clothing and accessories are designed with this focus in mind"

The collection of bracelets at Capthatt are inspired, and derive influences from Mexican and African art as well pieces that connect strongly with the biker lifestyle. All bracelets are handmade, using precious stones, steel and precious metals to create iconic pieces.

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