Canada (February 2 , 2019):Changing the overall look of the house can be a challenging task. Homeowners can start by replacing the old and outdated light fixtures installed in the house as the lighting system plays an important role in improving the aesthetics and interiors of a house or office. To make the process of finding the right lighting accessories easy, Premiere Luminaire Montreal ( is offering an online platform to the customers so that they can purchase good quality lighting accessories at a reasonable price. Premiere Luminaire Montreal has more than ten years of experience and offers custom design lighting accessories such as- Foyer Chandelier,Blown Glass Chandelier, and Dining room Lighting. The company’s experts specialize in designing blown glass chandelier of superior quality. The company offers customized solutions and help the customers get dining room chandeliers according to their home design. Whether it is an office building or house, the company has the perfect modern Lighting solutions for every customer. The customers can order the product and complete the process of payment via credit/debit card or bitcoins online.

Foyer Chandelier

The announcement says that the customers can now create their ID on the website to order the products online faster. The customers can search the right type of Chandelier by simply typing the name of the product in the search bar. The company is also offering a 24/7 helpline number so that the customers can speak to one of the company’s designers in case they have any doubts or queries related to the entryway chandelier. The website also offers an online subscription to the newsletter. For setting up the account the customers can find more details at

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